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Brennan’s Resume

Work & Experience


Indiana University of Pennsylvania

Bachelors, Communications and Media Studies

Dean’s List


Tampa, FL

Open to remote


• Building rapport and meaningful relationships

• Identifying prospect and customer pain points

• Presenting products in person or through online meetings

• Excellent communication skills

• Objection handling

• Post-sale relationship management

• Ability to learn new processes and programs quickly

• Simplying difficult processes or product knowledge

Tools Implemented or Used
  • WordPress (Divi, Elementor)
  • LMS (WordPress, SalesHood, WorkRamp, Iorad)
  • CMS (Showpad, Brandfolder, SalesHood, HubSpot, HighSpot)
  • Creative (Photoshop, Canva, Illustrator, MidJourney)
  • Content (Grammarly, ChatGPT)
  • Email Manage System (Outreach)
  • CRM (SalesForce)
  • Automation (Manychat)
  • Audio (Logix Pro X)
  • Video (iMovie, After Effects)
  • Project Management (Smartsheet, TaskRay, Trello)



A student, always

As an avid learner, I feel it’s important to point out I’m always a student. I’m eager to learn from others and I know there’s always a better way. I am a personally developed leader who seeks new challenges and is quick to problem solve. An innovative thinker and attentive listener with a student mentality. Exceptional in a team atmosphere or working individually. 10 years total sales and marketing experience.


Content creator, sales enablement.

* LivePerson has strict rules when it comes to sharing content I’ve worked on publicly. For more information or specific work examples, please contact me personally.


cross-functional collaboration between multiple teams: Marketing, Analyst relations, pr, legal, sales enablement, and sales.

Cross functional collaboration included, but not limited to the creation of internal and external content such as: analyst reports, customer stories, case studies, internal deal-won trainings, sales plays, corporate pitch deck & more. 

Vetting software

The software included: Saleshood, iorad, workramp, hubspot, brandfolder, content camel, showpad & more.

Included a successful implementation and management of SalesHood leading to increased rep knowledge and revenue. 

Cultivating customer stories

Creating content that displayed liveperson’s ability to make transformative changes for their target audience.

Worked alongside Product Marketing and Creative (design) to create compelling customer stories that sales reps can share. 

improving processes

collaborating to improve processes.

Created onboarding material for marketing team, created and edited enablement material for sales reps, improved deal support system (cross-functional collaboration) between sales and marketing. 

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i make profit a common thing

director, marketing and development.

Implementing New Systems

Created new systems and processes from scratch.

Email automation, chatbots, social media campaigns, and more created innovative engagement with current and future prospects. 

Increased revenue

Over $250,000 in monthly b2c revenue generated.

Through social media engagement, ad campaigns, and word of mouth; we were able to generate amazing revenue.

Increased Brand Awareness

Kept our brand fresh and engaging.

Held in-person seminars, customer and affiliate retreats, online webinars, and more. Consistent updates to the website, brand, and content to ensure growth in brand awareness.

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Military Media Account Manager V

Quick performer












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Marketing and enablement specialist

Brennan Parrott